Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325
Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325
Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-501 Digital Piano / arranger in rosewood. stock # 22325

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Used Yamaha Clavinova CVP501 Digital Piano In Rosewood

Excellent working order, has some minor marks around the body as you would expect from used piano

Stock photos used - more photos of actual piano to follow


A great way to discover the fun with a wider range of expressiveness, 88-key GH keyboard with AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling voices. The Yamaha CVP501 Digital Piano has superb tonal response and faithfulness to the original sound created from Pure CF Sampling. The GH keyboard gives you the same kind of touch, weight and feel of a real grand piano. The CVP-501 is packed with hundreds of dynamic voices, including the ultra-realistic, as well as accompaniment styles that give you professional sounding backing tracks for your performance. Other sophisticated features include Internet Direct Connection, comprehensive computer connectivity, 16-track Song recording, and wide variety of effects.
Highlights of the Yamaha CVP501 Digital Piano

Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard
Pure CF Sampling newly introduced
3-level Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Monochrome LCD for Score / Lyrics display
Connect directly to the Internet content using a broadband connection

Incredible New Piano Voice

The Piano sampling has been redone since the last new range of Yamaha Clavinova pianos, the CLP300 series. Yamaha Full Concert Grand Piano CFIIIS an award winning piano used in many international competitions including the Frederic Chopin International Piano competition.

The concept is to be devoted to the original sound, to achieve a responsive and solid voice that gives the ultimate reward in piano playing. Yamaha produces many great concert grand pianos and the most suitable of these was used for the creation of the “Pure CF” sample. The acoustic piano used was then finished to the highest standard by the experienced and trusted Yamaha piano tuners who serve concert pianists and performers all over the world

Provide the best sound engineers with the best piano and they can deliver outstanding results. Microphones are set and moved millimetres at a time to record the most authentic sound possible. Using long samples rather than just looping shorter samples adds to accuracy and gives the true piano voice.

Further improvements are then made by testing and modifying on the instructions of great performers, pianists and instructors. All to create the Yamaha “Pure CF” piano sample.

The Yamaha CVP501 uses the new “Pure CF Sampling” and has 3 levels of sampling . The Yamaha CVP501 is the first new model to benefit from these incredibly rich piano tones .
A Clavinova with rhythm

When you bring a Clavinova into your home, you bring so much more than an acoustic piano has to offer. Of course, Yamahas Clavinovas offer all the touch response and beautifully rich, detailed piano sound you want. Plus a great deal more, including a full orchestra of superb quality digitally sampled instruments, and a whole host of advanced auto accompaniment features. Whats more, you get all the convenience of a digital instrument: no need for costly tuning, greater portability, and you can use headphones, so you can play any time you like without disturbing the family or your neighbours.

XG opens up even more music XG is Yamahas revolutionary extension of the General MIDI format. Naturally, it contains all of the GM standard, so you have complete compatibility with commercially available GM software. And it goes a lot further, to include a huge set of additional voices -a minimum of three effects processors with many effects types -MIDI control of analog inputs allowing processing of, for example, microphone inputs to create vocal harmonies -extensive control of other parameters for real-time sound shaping Whats more, theres also a vast selection of XG song software available. And if you’re connected to the internet, you can tap into an incredible variety of XG resources.
Dimensions and Weight of the Yamaha CVP501 Digital Piano:

W X H X D: 137cm X 89cm X 60cm

Weight: 58kg

PLEASE NOTE: Any internet connectivity referenced within the manual for this instrument is now deprecated


88-key, full-size, touch-sensitive keys – full-size keys allow piano-style performance. Touch sensitivity gives added expression. 88 keys represent the full 7 octave range of a grand piano
GH (Graded Hammer) effect keyboard – replicates the subtle changes in feel and weight of each key found on an acoustic piano
128-note polyphony – allows you to play up to 128 notes simultaneously
791 AWM voices (GM/XG compatible) inc. Natural, Live, Sweet, Cool & Organ Flutes: digitally recorded using Yamaha’s AWM technology for superior sound. Natural, Live, Sweet and Cool voices are extra high quality samples. Pure CF Sampling with 3- level Dynamic Stereo Samples gives improved piano realism
Reverb, chorus and 4-block DSP effects – adds an extra dimension to any performance
Orchestration – place an instrument in each of the Left, Right 1 and Right 2 voice sections of the keyboard
191 preset accompaniment styles, with 4 variations – adds exciting instrumental backings to accompany any melody, with 3 intros, fills, drum break, 3 endings and 4 variations for verse and chorus. SFF GE format gives greater authenticity to guitar part voicing
4 One Touch Settings for each style, with OTS Link – manually select a suitable right-hand voice for every variation of the style, or let the Clavinova do it automatically with OTS Link. Convenient OTS Viewer lets you see all OTS settings in one screen
Music Finder Plus – choose from a huge list of built-in titles, and the entire keyboard sets itself up with the appropriate style, tempo, and a choice of four registrations. Add new songs to the list via Internet Direct Connection and link Music Finder records to MIDI files either in the instrument’s memory or on USB stick
Auto Harmony – adds chordal harmony based on a single note
4.2″ LCD mono display – allows high quality graphic display of keyboard features, score and lyrics
Flexible Registration Memory – 8 buttons allow storage of a virtually unlimited number of registrations. Registration Viewer lets you see registration settings in a convenient on-screen display
Song Book – 61 pre-recorded songs for listening and practice pleasure
Score display with Guide Mode – the display will show a score from any Song Book performance or standard MIDI file. The Guide Mode clearly displays which note is to be played next, and waits for it to be played
Performance Assistant – advanced facility to make a beginner sound like a professional
Song/Style Creator – record performances with the 16-track sequencer, edit existing styles or create new ones
Internet Direct Connection with LAN port – allows connection to special website and download new styles, songs & Music Finder data. New IDC wizard assists with setup
Multiple storage options – USB storage allows total data storage flexibility
USB MIDI connection – MIDI connectivity is possible via USB or MIDI connectors
Sliding key cover – protects the keyboard from accidental knocks, dust or spills
Music rest – the conventional way to support your manuscripts
2 x headphones jacks and headphone hanger – for private practice. The hanger provides convenient storage
3 foot pedals (traditional piano style) – for soft, sostenuto and sustain. Sustain pedal allows half-pedal effect
20w x 2 amplification

Dimensions and Weight:

Width 1,372mm (54″)
Height 893mm (35-3/16″)
Depth 595mm (23-7/16″)
Weight 58kg (127lbs., 14oz.)